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Computers,industrial machinery, televisions, it doesn’t matter. While they are being shipped, they are put into large shipping containers. Large shipping containers rely on more than glue and tape to keep them sealed as they hold products traveling to the final destination. To ensure containers stay sealed and protect the goods inside, staples and staple gan are commonly used, which leads to a booming market of companies like Weibo Carton Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. Founded in 2000, Weibo has specialized in the production and supply of carton staplers and die cutting machines for nearly 15 years.

  Each product in our complete catalogue is CE certified, and we integrate research and development into each new idea, and have applied for a national patent. 

  In order to keep our development going strong and better serve our customers, we have joined forces with other companies and factories to create a better future on the international packaging market. We also supply comprehensive and friendly after-sales services to each and every one of our customers. We look forward to working with you and meet all your carton machinery needs. 


In the early 2000's, we introduced the carton box stitching machine, allowing us to expand our market abilities to include product handling services. 

Over the past 10 years we have continued to focus on our core competencies: machining, fabrication and machine production, all while expanding our company to provide a better range of products and services to customers. 

In 2005, we applied for a patent for the stitching machine. 

In 2014, we are awarded the title of science and technology enterprise. 

Today, we continue to stay one step ahead of changing market demands, and utilize cutting edge technology and industry practices to provide the best quality and value carton production machinery for your business. 

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General Manager:Rita Xing

Mobile:0086-18731741425 0086-13315703929

E-mail:admin@wb-pack.com wbzxjxi@163.com




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Mobile:0086-18731741425  0086-13315703929 E-mail:admin@wb-pack.com

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